Stonework Contractor Services


The art and craft of building and creating in stone, masonry work is both beautiful and can cater to your concepts and taste. Masonry work can be used as a contrast to other materials, or as a finish to perfect the aesthetic of your home.

  • Masonry work can be used to accent pillars in a home, or be used as a feature wall around a fireplace. Or anything in between!
  • Masonry stone comes in a myriad of shapes, colors, and texture. It can really be used anywhere to accent a space, whether inside or out.
The Front of a Building With Stone Work
An exterior design of a house

Stone Veneer Siding

Stone veneer siding is aesthetically beautiful and comes in a huge array of shapes and color/pattern choices. It adds an organic aesthetic to a home and can easily be applied to a house exterior. Depending on the stone veneer chosen, it can magnify a modern house’s contemporary theme, or complement a traditional home’s motif. Two popular styles of stone veneer siding are linear, used to complement a modern design, or traditional, used as a contrast to a modern design or to complement a traditional home. This choice of siding is both durable and versatile.